Meet The Team

Jane Tran : Boss Lady

Hi, I’m Jane. Well Jane 1 to be exact. I’m the culinary brains behind Chau and have been working in the food industry, basically all of my life. I love attending weddings, but loathe the traditional wedding food. I have a passion for creating custom menus which reflect the couple getting married. When I got married to my husband, we found it impossible to find a caterer which could create a custom Scottish/English and Vietnamese/Chinese menu which reflect our heritage. In the end, I catered my own wedding (yup that's me all dolled up with a butchers apron carving our roast) and decided then and there, that I would specialize in creating custom wedding menus which reflect each couple’s unique ethnicity & palates.



Jane Peters: The Assistant

….. And I’m Jane 2. I’m the bumbling brawn and sometimes brilliant assistant at Chau and have been eating all my life. I’ve only attended 2 weddings - both my own - so I come to the wedding catering business with no bad habits. I have always been fascinated with how excellent food affects mood and elevates celebrations. Seeing people relish something that I have helped to craft for them (in whatever capacity) creates a feeling for me that is difficult to describe - I have been honoured to nourish you and be involved in your special moment. Whether at a casual festival or a posh and dignified wedding, the interaction between idea and substance is the same: come and eat - we welcome you.